Yellowcard Play Final Show

On Saturday night Yellowcard played their final show in Anaheim, California.

Lead singer, Ryan Key gave this emotion speech

“We knew that tonight was going to happen for a long time… but until tonight… it didn’t seem real,” said frontman Ryan Key.

“This has been the fastest day of my entire life. We came out here ready, I know it’s hard to hear but we’re ready now.”

“We’ve been on a journey for almost two decades, living our dreams every day, playing rock ‘n’ roll music with our friends and fans all over the world.”

“You are the glue that has made this thing work for almost 20 years. We love you… you being here tonight, seeing your faces has gotten me through this show. I wouldn’t have made it to the end without you.”

“Each and every one of you deserves a personal thank you from us… you know how much we love you, you know how much we’re going to miss you.”

The band then went into their hit “Ocean Avenue” after the speech. You can watch it below

We are sure Yellowcard will be missed by millions around the world

Thank you for everything. 📸: @ashleyosborn

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