What are Northlane up to??

Northlane released their single ‘Intuition’ back in January but have been pretty quiet ever since. That is until today when they dropped a mysterious video titled “M E S M E R” with no explanation…

While there was no explanation accompanying the video there was a link in the description that takes you to the band’s Facebook page where the viewer is asked a series of questions including “Are you Mr.Snow?”


If you answer yes, you are then accused of lying and are told you that you can’t be there, as well as “Don’t shift your view. You might slip and fall.” If you say no, it is revealed that the identity of the person controlling the band’s Facebook page is “Citizen” and they “need to be able to trust you.” If you then ask, “What can you tell me?” Citizen replies “Maybe if you look upside down, you will see,” along with posting three GIFs and then sends you a photo pictured below stating “There is a transmission coming. I can’t say anything else right now.”

WHAT DOES ALL OF THIS MEAN??? If you haven’t already, check out the video “M E S M E R” below and let us know what you think Northlane are up to…

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