Watch: Metal Band Ohhms New Song – The World

Ohhms have just released a music video for their new song The World.

The World is taken from their debut album, The Fool, which was released last week on the record label Holy Roar Records

Paul Waller, the vocalist for Ohhms, has said this about the song, “Lyrically, The World is a character study of a friend of mine who was so overcome by conspiracy theories that he couldn’t function in the world any longer.

“He began to lose his mind and was deemed by a shrink to be unfit to work because he was delusional. It started small, with a few YouTube videos about NASA and Chem-Trails but within six months, he was telling me how the Earth was flat and that I was a part of the ‘sheeple’ movement because I wasn’t willing to do research myself into his claims.”

Paul goes on to say “I don’t judge him. People that are heavily into organised religion seem just as bizarre to me, but what I found fascinating was the way in which all his friends and family turned their back on him – he would have been better off telling them he had become a full-time smack head.

“At least they would have had a point of reference to relate to him with. As it stands he is all alone in the world now and I don’t see him as much but when I do, it’s never boring, I’ll tell you that.”

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