Watch: Lady Gaga Debuts New Single ‘The Cure’ At Coachella

Lady Gaga made her Coachella debut on Saturday, April 15th, as the festival’s second day headliner. This was a result of Gaga taking the place of Beyoncé as a headliner for the desert festival after the announcement of Beyoncé’s pregnancy back in February.

Halfway through her set on Saturday, Gaga played a new song she had “been working in the studio on” called ‘The Cure’ for the first time ever. Playing a never before heard song to an audience of 100,000 people is a pretty huge way to debut a single live! The song shows signs of Gaga reverting back to her trademark synth-pop sound after branching out into more country sounding traces that can be found in her latest album ‘Joanne’.

After finishing up the set with ‘Bad Romance’ Gaga was exiting the stage as she announced to the crowd: “My new single ‘The Cure’ will be on iTunes tonight” – not a bad way to make a debut!

You can watch footage of the performance here:

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