Taylor Swift To Launch Music Streaming Service

It is being reported that Taylor Swift is planning to launch her own music streaming service that could be named after her fans – Swifties

Taylor Swift famously fell out with Spotify in 2014 due to the amount of royalties it was paying it’s artists. She then went on to remove all of her music from Spotify.

In February of this year, Taylor Swift’s representatives at TAS Rights Management sent an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to register the trademark ‘Swifties’.

Taylor was again involved in a high profile story with Apple in 2015, when she wanted Apple to pay artists for music it streamed to its users during the free trial period – She did win this.

‘Swifties’ won’t just be a music streaming site, with the idea being that it will offer educational programs, classes, conferences, coaching, lectures, educational meetings, camps, retreats and seminars.

Last year, Taylor released a mobile game with the company Glu.

In 2014, Jay-Z launched the music streaming service, Tidal. Many artists have launched music as Tidal-only releases, including Beyoncé.

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