System Of A Down Tell Fans To Prepare For A “Fantastic” Download Set

System Of A Down are preparing to give a “fantastic” set at this year’s Download Festival according to the bands bassist, Shavo Odadjian

The band will headline this year’s Download Festival on June 9th, and while they haven’t given much away in terms of a set list, Shavo Odadjian has said fans should be excited for the show

Odadjian has been speaking with Metal Hammer and has had this to say, “Of course there are bells and whistles – we just call it a System Of A Down show. It’s nothing I can talk about beforehand, because when I walk onstage, things just happen.

“Yes, we will have a set list, and yes, I have been working on production, but once we start playing, we have two hours to deliver a fantastic show to our amazing fans.”

Shavo has also been speaking about what it has been like for the band after getting back together this year, “The four of us together yield something that is really special, energetically to me.


“As dynamic as we are on that stage, we are equally dynamic offstage, too. This makes things complicated at times, but we always rekindle, and you all know the product that comes as a result of that.

“It’s been great, unpredictable, and par for the System Of A Down course.”

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