Of Mice & Men Needed To “Step Up” After Austin Carlile Left The Band

Aaron Pauley from Of Mice & Men has said that everyone in the band needed to step up following the departure of Austin Carlile, in order to keep the band going.

Carlile decided to leave the band in December of last year following health concerns caused by Marfans Syndrome. Of Mice & Men decided to carry on with just the four members.

Aaron Pauley has now said that the remaining members are determined to put in the hard work and make the band a success.

Speaking to Kilpop, Aaron has said, “A few months before the public knew about it we knew about it, but it’s just been awesome to be out playing shows again with our brothers. We’re down a guy, but at the same time it’s awesome to see our fans hugely embrace us.

“I took over a lot of the lead screaming stuff and Alan Ashby also stepped up too, to get a microphone and do a lot of the background stuff. Everybody’s really stepped up to ensure that when we continue this on as a four piece, that we can still bring an Of Mice & Men show, an Of Mice & Men performance to people.”

The bands drummer, Tino Arteaga, added, “Austin’s health issues have been no secret to the public. Being in a band is like being in a family – we’re like a travelling circus and things are crazy all the time and towards the end of that tour, things were unfortunately getting more difficult.

“When we finally all had the talk together, Austin let us know what was going on and of course we supported him because that’s what we have to do, because it’s for the best of his health.”

Last month Of Mice & Men released their first song without Austin Carlile. Check it out below


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