New Music… Thursday? Royal Blood Releasing New Music Tomorrow!

New Music… Thursday? Royal Blood are set to release a new song tomorrow (April 13), called ‘Lights Out’

If you are a fan of Royal Bloody than this piece of music news will be of interest to you. Royal Blood have announced that they will be releasing a new song tomorrow, and will have a new album out this summer called, ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’

The band took to twitter to share a six second video of them underneath a flickering light-bulb. The clip reveals a short sound of a guitar track, and the caption, ‘Lights Out’ Thursday 7pm BST. The album is due to be released June 16th.

Recently, Mike Kerr had said that the band have written about 50 songs for the album with the motto “anything you’re not proud of, bin it” – which equaled “way sexier, more confident sounding” music.

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