MGMT Confirm They Have Finished Recording New Album

It would seem that MGMT have finished recording their latest album.

The band have been working on their fourth album for some time now. At the backend of 2016, MGMT had confirmed that they would be back in 2017 and that they plan to release new music “ASAP”

There has been some interesting music news over the weekend as MGMT have taken to Twitter to say that they might have just finished in the studio. Here is what the band said: “Possibly just sang last singing for new album?! Title track.” This is one of their latest tweets in a long line of updates that they have been giving their fans over the last couple of weeks on twitter.

On Christmas Day 2015 the band hinted that they could be returning. The band said that they would “re-dominate your mind hole”. Fans assumed this could be them returning in 2016 but then they later corrected themselves by saying “Meant to say MGMT re-dominates your mind hole in *2017”.

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