Lorde Plays First Gig In Two Years: Check Out Videos, Pictures And The Setlist

Lorde played her first live show in two and a half years. She played at a small barbecue restaurant and music venue in California called Pappy + Harriet’s.

Only 300 fans were able to get tickets to the spontaneous gig, as tickets for the show were announced via Lorde’s twitter and being sold for $20. Lorde tweeted, ‘$20 tickets because i’m 20 and because i love you. Let’s get raucous before coachella on sunday night AHH,’

Tickets weren’t on sale for very long as they sold out in less than five minutes. Lorde then tweeted about her excitement, ‘um holy shit you guys just sold that out’.

During the show, Lorde said “This is a huge deal for us. We haven’t played a show since December 2014.”

Here is a bunch of awesome videos and pictures from twitter users at the show.

Lorde also played ‘Sober’ for the first time, check it out here

Here is the Setlist in full

Green Light Intro
Tennis Court
400 Lux
Buzzcut Season
Sober Interlude
Green Light

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