London Grammar Promote New Album At London Show

Music News: London Grammar played a small, intimate gig in London last night (6th of April) and played some of their new songs from their album, ‘Truth Is a Beautiful Thing’ which is expected to be released June 9th.

Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman, Dominic ‘Dot’ Major are the three members of the band and this was the last night of their 3 date UK shows, which were sold out. Some of the new songs that they played were ‘Rooting For You’, ‘Big Picture’, ‘Hell To The Liars’, ‘Who Am I’ and ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’, the name of their album.

Hannah was speaking to the crowd about the album and said, “When we started the new album, I promised myself two things, I promised myself I wouldn’t sing any high notes then we wrote ‘Big Picture’, and I also said ‘no sad, miserable ones’ then we wrote ‘Hell To The Liars’.

Officials from NME were at the show and had this to say, “What tonight’s performance lacked it length, it made up for in sheer, breath-taking grace. From the sombre new take on their Disclosure collaboration ‘Help Me Lose My Mind’ blended with fan favourite ‘Flickers’, to the almighty emotional release with the drum climax on ‘Hell To The Liars’, London Grammar return at the peak of their powers.

Set list from London Grammar’s show

Rooting for You
Nightcall (Kavinsky cover)
Wasting My Young Years
Hell to the Liars
Hey Now
Who Am I
Truth Is a Beautiful Thing
Big Picture
Metal & Dust

Hannah has also spoken to NME about London Grammar’s new album saying, “The first album was a lot more about relationships, but then the second one is too – but in a different way, It’s probably about the relationship you have with yourself, rather than one specific other person. The relationship that us three had on the road, and there’s a lot about the meaning of life in general, which is so lame, but that is what we talk about!”

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