Lemmy Solo Album Coming Soon

According to producer Jim Voxx, Lemmy’s solo album should be out later this year.

Jim Voxx, Skew Siskin guitarist, was working with Lemmy on the long term music project and has said that everything is ready and could be released later this year.

Voxx has spoken with Metal Talk and said, “We are in the very last stages of the Lemmy solo album.

“I still don’t know when it will be released because this is in the hands of the Motorhead management and it took a while. Lemmy had so many things left – there are so many other recordings and they all had to sort out how to proceed.


“There is no real time rush to release this album so I can imagine it will be towards the end of this year.”

Jim has said that they began working together in 2003, with the both of them meeting up in between Motorhead shows, in Berlin.

Voxx adds: “Lemmy also recorded some tracks in America with Dave Grohl or Reverend Horton Heat and in London he was working with The Damned. All these tracks came to me in Berlin.

“We started out with two Skew Siskin songs. It was the total opposite of working with Motorhead because he had to do it in his free time between the Motorhead work.

“But I gave him the possibility to come here and work in the studio whenever he needed and step-by-step we got the songs together. We have 10 songs, and we thought it would have been released a long time ago but when Lemmy got ill, we stopped working on it but the recordings were all done.”

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