Do Kids Know What Good Music Is? You Might Be Surprised! Kids React To AC/DC

“What kind of band name is that?!” ….  Only the name of one of the biggest Rock n’ Roll bands to have ever lived! AC/DC!

It’s fine though because the kids pull it back with comments such as “It gets you hyped like ‘You can do anything!’”

This has to come down to good parenting as these little kids know most of the riffs to some of the biggest hits by AC/DC!

Check out the reaction of these kids to the Rock n’ Roll legends, AC/DC.

Here is some of our favorite quotes

“Oh my god, the guitar person I can’t stop, he’s just so good!” – That would be Angus Young, and yes, yes he is!
“A pretty good song but all they’re saying is TNT”
“It just sound like yelling” – Reaction to Bon Scott’s vocals on Highway to Hell
“Why is he wearing high shorts?”
“The guitar player and the lead singer are really good together” Has there ever been a better duo than Angus Young and Brian Johnson?
“This is very rocky!”

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