Kanye West To Release a NASA and VHS-Themed Project??

Suspicions regarding the possibility of Kanye West releasing a new project soon have surfaced, and what’s even better? There’s reason to believe it’s going to be NASA and VHS-themed!

MTV News reported earlier today that it’s staff received a package containing a box with the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab logo on it. Inside that box a VHS tape was found labeled “E PLURIBUS UNUM” along with a white credit card with Kanye West’s name on it as well as the number 772233688, and the words NASA, PROJECT-10, and 8/10. Lastly, there was a small plastic case with something that looked like a pebble labeled “PROJECT: 10” inside the box as well.

It was reported that the VHS tape contained two straight hours of static.

Visiting https://www.772233688.com will also result in a video of white noise, however there is also a date to be found by visiting the website: March 20.



It has also been pointed out that 20-year-old filmmaker Julian Klincewicz has been following Kanye around with what looks like a VHS camcorder over the last year, which would make sense with the suspected VHS theme encompassing this (what might be) new project.

While it is very possible this is simply a hoax, we think it is quite an extensive and well-thought out one if that is indeed what it turns out to be. But I guess we’ll just have to wait until March 20, just 5 days from now, to find out what’s really going on in the world of Kanye…

What do you think all of this means? Let us know!

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