Marilyn Manson’s New Album To Be Called Heaven Upside Down

Marilyn Manson’s New Album To Be Called Heaven Upside Down

Marilyn Manson was due to release an album on February 14th of this year and the album was going to be called ‘Say10’. Unfortunately, February 14th came and went but there was no news of any album.

However, Marilyn Mason has been active on Instagram, posting short and mysterious videos.

Marilyn Mason, who is best known for his genre of Shock Rock, has been speaking to Fabulous TV at the premiere of King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

Marilyn was able to give a quick update about the album. He told Fabulous TV, “I just finished my new album and I’m going on tour in July. The record is called Heaven Upside Down.”


Speaking about the new album last year, Manson said: “It’s not very much in any way like The Pale Emperor. The people who have heard the new songs said it reminded them of Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals – but with a new, different approach.

“It’s pretty violent in its nature for some reason. It’s not emotional in the same way. It’s got a chip on its shoulder. I can’t wait for people to hear it – I think they’re going to be quite surprised.”

We will post any updates about Heaven Upside Down as soon as it is announced

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