Harry Styles Announces Debut Single

Harry Styles has officially just announced his first solo single via a TV commercial during The Voice this Saturday (March 25th)

“April 7th” appears at the end of the ad (we can only guess that is the date that the song will be released). In the short video, Harry appears from the smoke and darkness and opens a door which reveals the light. We can only hear a piano playing, possibly could be a small sampler of the song? We are not sure yet. Check out the clip below.

It was reported last week that his new music sounds a bit like “Queen and Bowie”

Harry Styles has been writing with Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol, who has recently worked with Ed Sheeran on Shape of You. Johnny McDaid has recently said that the new material from Harry will “blow the socks off the world”


As of July last year, Harry Styles has been signed to Columbia Records for his solo material. Last month, Columbia Records CEO Rob Stringer was talking about Harry’s latest work: “We’re close and we’re very excited. We have a record we’re incredibly excited about and it’s not far away from being ready. We obviously want everything to be beautifully done, because we think he’s here to stay. Harry has stepped up with the vision of someone who’s authentic.”

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