Star Wars, Harry Potter and Jaws Are Coming To The Proms This Year To Celebrate John Williams’ 85th Birthday

The music for Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Jaws are coming to the Proms this year to celebrate the great John Williams turning 85, this year.

On the 20th of July, music that was created by John Williams will be played live in concert.

Proms director David Pickard has said, “Will people come dressed as Star Wars characters? I’d be really disappointed if they don’t,”

David Pickard couldn’t speak more highly of the scores created by John Williams, calling them “wonderful and varied”.

Unfortunately, due to the age of John Williams, he is unable to take trans-Atlantic flights, so he will not be at the show. This is one of the main factors as to why the London Symphony Orchestra didn’t get the opportunity to create the music for the next generation of Star Wars films.

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David Pickard has also spoken about wanting to change things up at the Proms this year

“I don’t want the Proms to be something that repeats things for the sake of repeating them, find new ways of getting new audiences”.

“And things like the John Williams prom will hopefully do the same thing that a Doctor Who Prom might do, which is to bring in an audience that might be drawn in by the films they’ve seen, but will hear music they love played by an orchestra.”

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