Gorillaz announce their return with their own festival!

Gorillaz announce their return with their own festival!

Gorillaz have returned to the live music scene by announcing their own festival at Dreamland in Margate.

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have been working hard for the last two years on a new Gorillaz album. Albarn said last month that the record was finished and they were working on rehearsals for upcoming live shows. They have now announce their first comeback show. Nothing too special, just their own festival!

Gorillaz will be playing Demon Dayz Festival

The Gorillaz made their return to the social media world late last year. Since then, they have been sharing online stories which are designed to help fans catch up with the animated members of the band.

We are still waiting to hear definite plans regarding the album release date. The album was originally planned to be released at some point in 2016 but that didn’t happen. Following this latest update, we are hopeful it will be this year. Hewlett said it was “really fucking special”

However, even though we have no news regarding the album, they did release new material earlier this year with “Hallelujah Money” featuring Benjamin Clementine.  You can listen to this below.