Ed Sheeran With Love Music Hate Racism

Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Coldplay and a host of other artists are backing the relaunched, Love Music Hate Racism campaign.

Zak Cochrane of the Love Music Hate Racism campaign has said, “There is a proud history of musicians standing up to racism from the likes of Steel Pulse and The Clash performing at Rock Against Racism gigs in the 70s to bands such as The Libertines and Roll Deep playing at Love Music Hate Racism events in the early 2000s.”

He went on: “LMHR and RAR weren’t just about big bands and big concerts though. They were about musicians and fans uniting in a grass roots movement. We are delighted that these artists are working with us to bring this campaign to life.

“I hope it will inspire millions of people once more to put on their own gigs and spread the message far and wide that racism only seeks to divide communities, whereas music brings us together. It is in all our interest to love music and hate racism.”

The campaign is a relaunch of the 70’s campaign, Rock Against Racism. There will be a march this weekend (Saturday 18th) to encourage people to stand up to racism and Love Music Hate Racism want as many people there as possible.

Here is some of the artist that have taken part so far

ColdPlay - Love Music Hate Racism

Royal Blood - Love Music Hate Racism

Ed Sheeran - Love Music Hate Racism

Stormzy - Love Music Hate Racism


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