Ed Sheeran ‘÷’ Review

It has been almost three years since Ed Sheeran released his second album, x (Multiply), and four year since Ed was the opening act for Taylor Swift on her Red tour. Finally, Ed Sheeran is back and he certainly doesn’t disappoint with his Third studio album, ÷ (Divide)

Divide certainly has everything that you would expect from Ed Sheeran, a mix of beautiful acoustic songs, to the upbeat, witty hip-hop songs. Ed also has a couple of surprises on the album that we certainly didn’t expect, in the form of Irish folk-y songs, with “Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan”.

At the start of the year, Ed released two new songs from the album, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”. At the time of writing this article, “Shape of You” is still Number One in the UK and has been for the past 8 weeks. “Shape of You” is certainly a more beat heavy song that even had me guessing at first if this could be Ed hinting at a new musical direction. Ed has later gone on to say that Shape of You is a song that he wrote intending it to be for someone like Rihanna or Little Mix. Ed has also said that his record label worked really hard in convincing him that Shape of You should even be on Divide.

“Castle on the Hill” is a song about Ed’s time growing up. The song references Framlingham Castle, which a throwback to his home town Framlingham, Suffolk, where Ed would take part in under aged drinking and running from the law! The song certainly has a massive chorus that I’m sure he wrote with stadium tours and massive festivals in mind, much like Glastonbury… (Not confirmed yet!!)

“Perfect” is the love song that you would typically expect from an Ed Sheeran album. Ed has said that he wrote the song with the idea of topping the hit “Thinking Out Loud”, from his last album, Multiply. We think he may be on to something. The song has some beautiful lyrics and will certainly be played at thousands of weddings in the coming years.

“Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan” (deluxe version) are the two songs on the album that certainly have come as a bit of a surprise, with their definite Irish feel. “Galway Girl” is about an Irish girl who loves drinking whiskey and ends up falling in love with an English man. Nancy Mulligan is a love song written about Ed’s grandparents, how they met and the struggles that they faced. “Nancy Mulligan” is certainly a stand out song for me.

The album closer, “Supermarket Flowers”, is a song written about his late grandmother from the perspective of his mum. The song is about dealing with the aftermath of her funeral. The lyrics describe his grandmother becoming an angel and being taken back by God. Ed is no stranger to writing songs about his grandparents, with “Afire Love” from his last album. The song is written about his Grandfather, who sadly passed away.

Overall, this is a brilliant album from an excellent song writer. We wish you nothing but success, Ed.

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