Earache Records Launch Record Reprint Service

Earache Records, a label based in the UK, have come up with a great idea to offer a vinyl on-demand service, where fans can order an old album and have it reprinted.

They are currently offering to reprint records from artists such as Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Godflesh, Akercocke, and Morbid Angel. Earache Records are saying that idea behind the service was to see fans get older albums without being charged ridiculous prices on pre-owned records

Earache Records have said “Here’s your chance to bring a classic vinyl album back to life and on to your turntable.

napalm death
napalm death

“Many of our back catalogue titles have been out of print for years – in some cases three decades – but if you pre-order now you can bring it back.

“When approximately 500 orders have been take for a title, we will print it and deliver to your door.”

They add: “You will not be charged anything until that target is met and you will be kept informed of progress all the way.”

Earache Records vinyl on-demand albums and artists

  • Akercocke – Antichrist
  • Anal Cunt – I Like It When You Die
  • Anata – The Conductor’s Departure
  • Bolt Thrower – Cenotaph/Spearhead
  • Brutal Truth – Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
  • Cadaver – In Pains
  • Cathedral – Endtyme
  • Cathedral – Forest Of Equilibrium
  • Filthy Christians – Mean
  • Fudge Tunnel – Hate Songs In E Minor
  • Godflesh – Us And Them
  • Hate Eternal – Conquering The Throne
  • Morbid Angel – Formulas Fatal To The Flesh
  • Morbid Angel – Heretic
  • Municipal Waste – The Art Of Partying
  • Napalm Death – Fear, Emptiness, Despair
  • Napalm Death – Words From The Exit Wound
  • Nocturnus – The Key
  • Oceano – Ascendants
  • OLD – Old Lady Drivers
  • Scorn – Evanescence
  • The Haunted – The Haunted Made Me Do It
  • Unseen Terror – Human Error
  • Vader – The Ultimate Incantation
  • Woods of Ypres – Woods 4: The Green Album

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