Brian Johnson Returns to Stage For First Time in Nearly 18 Months

Nearly 18 months after his hearing problem almost forced him into retirement, AC/DC’s Brian Johnson made his long awaited return to the stage! Johnson joined Muse onstage at Reading Festival for a performance of “Back in Black” during their set on Sunday, August 27th.


The surprise performance is the first time Johnson has sang an AC/DC song since March 2016, right before he was forced to quit touring on recommendation of a doctor due to hearing problems he had struggled with that threatened total deafness if he were to continue.

The news of Johnson’s decision to quit touring resulted in Axl Rose taking his place on the band’s Rock or Bust tour while Johnson focused on recovery.

Luckily fairly shortly after, Johnson consulted an in-ear technology specialist and appeared more hopeful at the possibility of returning to his career. While it is still unclear what it means for AC/DC, the surprise performance by Johnson at Reading certainly gives reason for fans to remain hopeful.

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