Listen: Selena Gomez Releases New Track ‘Bad Liar’

Selena Gomez has released her new single, ‘Bad Liar’

‘Bad Liar’ samples the bass line for Talking Heads‘ ‘Psycho Killer’ and was co-written by Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter. The both of them have previously worked with Selena Gomez on her 2015 album, ‘Revival’.

Justin Tranter has speaking to Variety and has said, “Selena and Julia are Talking Heads-obsessed, So when we all got together in one room, Julia suggested, ‘Why don’t we just write over the bass line from ‘Psycho Killer?’ and we were all going, ‘That sounds great!’”

Justin also went on to say that David Byrne of Talking Heads’ has heard ‘Bad Liar’ and loves it, “He heard it, loved it and approved it. Which was a pretty crazy moment for us. To have David Byrne listed next to our names is just so cool.”

Why not listen to ‘Bad liar’ below?


Selena recently spoke with to Humans of New York’s Brandon Stanton

‘I feel like I’m just starting, but I think I’d be fine if it all went away. I get that from my mother, ‘she said.

‘From the moment I started singing, she always reminded me that all of this was a privilege, and could be taken at any moment.’

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