Alan McGee Against Oasis Reunion Saying “Let’s leave it legendary”

Alan McGee has given his opinion on the possibility of an Oasis reunion, saying that they would damage their reputation.

McGee is close friends with Noel Gallagher and was the one who first signed Oasis back in 1993 to the label “Creation Records”. A reunion already seemed unlikely, as Liam Gallagher has his debut solo album coming out later this year. Now McGee has said that it shouldn’t happen

Speaking with The Sun, McGee has said “I just hope they don’t spoil the legend, try and recreate and get back together. They’d fuck it up. As long as you don’t do that, then they are legends forever. So let’s leave it legendary.”

When asked if it would be possible for a reunion in the future, McGee said “I can’t see it. They are just in different places. It’s always moment in time. You can’t keep going back to try and be 21 again. You have got to move on, you know.”

Speaking last year to music news magazine, NME, McGee said, “I don’t think Noel will ever reform Oasis, ever – but when he’s a bit older I think Liam will probably reform Oasis and he’ll sell 10,000 tickets a night singing Oasis tunes and he’ll be happy with that, I can’t see Noel Gallagher going back and doing it. If anything came out of that film [Supersonic], it was that it’s done, it’s finished, don’t spoil the fucking legend.”

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