A Lesson in Romantics 10-Year Anniversary Tour – A Review

On March 24th I attended the 2nd date of Mayday Parade’s A Lesson in Romantics 10-Year Anniversary Tour in Houston, Texas at White Oak Music Hall. I entered the venue right as the first opener, Milestones, was about to come on. Milestones was the one band playing that night that I was not familiar with but are an English pop punk band that are definitely worth checking out if you’re like me and haven’t given these guys a listen yet. After listening to them a little more since the show I would recommend the song Call Me Disaster off of their Equal Measures EP.

Next up was Knuckle Puck, a pop punk band from the South suburbs of Chicago. This was my 4th time seeing them and as always they brought a lot of energy to the venue, exactly what you want from an opening band. During their last song, Pretense, the crowd was jumping and moshing around, giving my friends and me the opportunity to mosh and dance our way to the front of the crowd, exactly where we wanted to be for when Mayday Parade hit the stage.

During intermission in-between the bands we were able to make a few friends with the people around us, including a couple of sixteen years olds who were seeing Mayday Parade for the first time. As a twenty-two year old who has seen Mayday seven or eight times, it was nice to see the next generation getting their start and sharing their feelings of excitement for a band that means so much to so many people.

When Mayday Parade finally came on the crowd instantly filled with cheers and whistles while the band geared up to start Jamie All Over. Derek Sanders danced and jumped around barefoot, sporting dozens of friendship bracelets that he is known for collecting over the course of a tour. As soon as the first guitar strum boomed through the speakers the band instantly transported us back to 2007 as they played A Lesson in Romantics all the way through. Once they had finished with the album, they did end up playing a few of their hits off of other albums as well. Derek even did an acoustic cover of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, showcasing his angelic voice in a key that we don’t often get a chance to hear in Mayday Parade songs. The show was full of emotional ballads and powerful music that allowed the crowd to purge any feelings of sadness or angst in a healthy and beautiful way, as we all love doing to those classic pop punk albums we’ve grown up with.

Personal bragging moment: After Mayday Parade’s encore song, Oh Well Oh Well, I caught one of Jake’s drumsticks and my SupremeWave co-blogger caught a setlist from Knuckle Puck!

All in all, I give this tour two giant thumbs up. If you are considering going to the A Lesson in Romantics 10-Year Anniversary Tour, do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy those tickets! You will not be disappointed.


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